Nighthawk Integrated Solutions is warfighter-focused and specializes in providing innovative training programs and solutions through skilled graduate-level instructors, industry recognized subject matter expertise, and experienced aircrew and intelligence professionals from varied backgrounds including fourth/fifth generation fighters and current bomber aircraft.


Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center

NIS provides direct technical and instructional support of ODLAR integration into FA-18 Hornet fleet operations.  In addition, NIS has completed several studies to improve FA-18 hard target defeat capabilities.

DTRA twac

Teamed with ARA, NIS provides subcontract support to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency Targeting Weaponeering Assistance Cell.  As the acknowledged DoD experts, TWAC specializes in WMD counter proliferation through a myriad of kinetic and non-kinetic warfighter solutions.

Your organization

NIS is ready to provide a collaborative and tailored solutions and operations for  your organization and projects.


Optimized Delivery Launch Acceptability Region (ODLAR) is a first-of-its-kind mission planning tool conceived and developed to meet an immediate warfighter need in the air-to-ground weapons arena.

USAF Weapons School

While partnered with TWAC, NIS provides direct Weapon School syllabus support through the instruction of conventional and nuclear hard target defeat concepts and weaponeering softwares.  In addition, NIS provides familiarization with counter-WMD consequence predictive modeling.

midway white

Midway White Demonstrations Series is joint DTRA / USAF Weapons School / Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center endeavor designed to provide urgently needed data and/or TTPs to the warfighter at a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional test or experiment series.