NIS SMEs bring a wealth of experience and knowledge equating to unparalleled expertise in arenas from TTP development and formal OT&E, to graduate-level training.


  • Military Operational Analyst & Subject Matter Experts
  • Weaponeering & Targeteering Training
  • Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Development
  • Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) Development
  • Operational Test and Evaluation
  • Test Program Management
  • Technical Writing & Editing
  • Test Operations within the NTTR & NNSS
  • Operating within secure SAP / SAR environments
  • DSS Facility Clearance up to Top Secret
  • Operations within a myriad of classified environments, to
       include Top Secret & Special Access Program (SAP)


NIS is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

NIS is an EEO and veteran preference hiring employer. 

Services & Capabilities

NIS provides a full spectrum of comprehensive capabilities and services across the military operational and test communities.

Virtually Nighthawk

NIS provides experienced graduate-level operational instructors and industry-recognized Subject Matter Experts to create innovative programs and solutions to any myriad of topics across the military community.

Whether leading or partnering, NIS strives to capitalize on the synergies of teaming.  On-site or off-site, NIS SMEs integrate seamlessly to ensure mission success.